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Project 01


In first year, I was set a typography brief. The brief was simple to, use 5 untranslatable words in a series of creative pieces. We were set the challenge of keeping it within postcard sizes.


The English language has many words some get lost in translation. In today’s wold of automatic translating through google translate, we aren’t given a specific translation. What in another language takes one word will take the English language a whole sentence. The concept I started with was 'I just don't have the words'. Saying and giving people the chance to say something even if they never had the words to say it.


So, I started looking at the times of year in which you would be most likely need to express these emotions. [the modern English language is many things though romantic is not one of them.] The word that I chose was a word centred around the topic of love. With this in mind it was when do you say “I love you” or “care about you” more than Valentine’s day.


This time of year, more flowers are sold than at any other time. I designed flower cards that would say the words you didn't have better than your typical Hallmark Valentine’s day card. As a Rose is a staple part of the time of the year, I did some research into what each colour represented. Each colour Rose would come with the flower card that closely represent the word with the translation of what the giver was trying to tell the receiver.

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