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COSIE / 2017
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The brief set was to create an infographic that was bigger than A2 in size with an accompanying piece linking to the infographic that was no bigger than a stamp For this project, I looked at different ways people sleep and what it says about them and their personality. The infographic would show each sleeping position and tell the person about how they sleep links to their personality. 

I wanted to push this concept further and have it as a part of a product. So I designed a range of duvets, that would have a sleeping position on the duvet that match the position. With each one that you buy you get an information pack about what your sleeping position says about you. , So with this, I came up with the company ‘Cosie’ the brand name for the duvet. You would buy the duvet related to you according to the infographic.

This would be on the wall next to them when purchasing, or available to view online The stamp size piece of creative that would link to the a2 poster, would be the tag that would be attached on the inside of the duvet. This means they will also have the definition of what the position meant along with a bigger clearer one on the back of the packaging.

stamp size .jpg
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