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Ben and Jerrys AD

Ben and Jerrys AD

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In my second year, we were set the task to start a conversation, I started by thinking about brands that you go to all the time. The brand I chose was Ben and Jerry's. I thought of the stereotypical time when girls
are ‘I need ice cream’ but then I realised that it could go for more than that. The brand is not only there for a day, but they are there for a lifetime. But in this lifetime is made up of a variety of numbers the concept taking inspiration from the statistic within
a person's life, as demonstrated in other pieces of creative such as the music video for 'Afterglow' by Wilkinson. I wanted to show the number of times a brand has been there for you in a statistic.

I thought what if you didn’t apply this to a music video, but a brand. A brand that been there for
you since a little kid. A brand that is there for all
these moments and memories when you don’t
even know that they are there. From a holiday to
first and last love.


To put this in their style was having it in a rustic cartoon style to show what the advert was meant
to be about. Keeping the iconic blue sky and the cloud kept in their branding so that you would
have the feel of the animation. The animation
would layer up silhouette so you wouldn’t see
the full image until the end. The numbers link
to the product in some way. By doing the
animation it brings them a rustic feel of what
Ben and Jerry's brand is and how they work.

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