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Climate Change  / September 2020

 While I was at Perspective Pictures one of my points to work on was learning after effects, I wanted to add my creativity to it so I used a D&AD New Blood brief to take some inspiration. The brief was to ‘ Inspire meaningful behaviour change towards a sustainable lifestyle.’ We all have a family member that we are proud of. I was thinking every time someone stands up and says that it's the right thing to do they are saying it to someone that doesn't think that. With this, as generations go by and opinions change, many think that idea and not just a few, you have to answer the question of what did you stand up and say.
I applied this thought to climate change.
That when we have children and grandchildren eventually they will ask what we did to stop climate change. What will you say to them?
Did you do your bit ? or did you just stand by
and watch?

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