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Project 10

D&AD / 2019

After winning my D&AD New Blood award for the John Lewis brief, I was given the chance to get into the New Blood Academy. To get into the academy, there were two other briefs that we had to complete and hand in to be assessed on. 


The first brief was to to create some sort of sellable item from everyday objects. The item then had to go on a live eBay auction. The competition wasn’t judged on the highest bid. Receiving the highest bid would not guarantee you entry to the academy though it would help.


For my everyday object I decided to put a square peg in a round hole. Obviously this links into the famous saying, but I decided to add in a side slogan ‘a place to always fit’. This extra messaging was supposed to represent creatives in every industry. We don’t normally fit into place of the normal 9-5 office job, the creative world is perfect for us.

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