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Project 05

TOPSHOP / 2018
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The subject for this project was my

2-year FMP so within reason I could do anything I wanted.

At the time of coming up with the concept, there was a lot of articles on love island around the debate of whether it was okay to have only size 8 or smaller on the show when the viewing audience was so young and at such influential age of their body image. The concept started with finding a brand that hit the target audience more than any other, the brand also had to be a clothing brand so they could show the importance of size. With “zero not being a size", the inspiration for the next step.



Topshop was chosen as the brand due to holding the right target audience at the stature they held at the time. I started thinking about the blank space they use in shops, changing rooms next to clothing rail and this is where people try on their clothes with most people bringing in more than one size hoping they fit into the smaller one. So I decided to brand the changing room up with a positive boost that would make the target audience feel beautiful regardless of what size they are wearing. 


The slogan of ‘feel beautiful’ is around the whole campaign, with handmade typography, so it had the personal feel, bright colours to appeal to the target audience, along with being stitched backwards so it didn't matter whether or not you were reading it on the changing room door or looking in the mirror you will still be able to read feel beautiful. As long at the poster with facts about how many people feel the same way as you do being printed on the changing room doors, they would be on the main shop floor, as well as being hooked on the end of each clothing rale.

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