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Southend Fringe Festival came to my university with
a brief to re-brand the event. We were split into three groups of 4-5 people. All groups had a different mix of skills, and creative styles in each group, so it was fair.


They wanted a fun modern but timeless logo. Along
with an advertising style that would be easily
adaptable. This would allow them to keep the style
for a few years and update easily on their own.


As the festival was only a few years old they were
still trying to raise money to put the festival on. A requirement for whatever was designed was that it
had to work in a pop-up pub.


Once we had a clean timeless logo, we could start looking at the campaign style. We chose [ icon saying used around stages] for the campaign to work together from comedy to drama.


Along with we had wearable beer mats that would go
on in all of the pubs in Southend as advertising. the
beer mats have a version of the acts lips on them to represent all the different things the festival showed. Along with the badge and wristbands matching the same.



All of the artwork was in a pop art theme to give a fun vibrant vibe where their last image wasn’t. this is to help them stand out to their target market and the people that more most likely to go to the festival. 


As a group we had to pitch head to head against each other, for who’s idea would be the best fit. Th­­­­is was the first time pitching to a client. Southend fringe went forward without idea and went live in 2018. ­­­­­­­­­­

beer mats back and front  [Recovered]-05
beer mats back and front  [Recovered]-03
beer mats back and front  [Recovered]-04
beer mats back and front  [Recovered]-01
beer mats back and front  [Recovered]-02
Artboard 2-3.png
Artboard 1-3.png
Artboard 3-2.png
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