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HEINZ / 2019
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One of the D&AD Award briefs was set by Heinz, the brief was to celebrate 150 years of Heinz
with the main focus being ketchup. They wanted to shift the perception of the audience away from ketchup just being known as the piece on the side and make it the star of the show. They wanted to make shoppers switch their thought process, to picking a meal so you could have ketchup with it.


For this brief I paired up with another designer, we looked at all the different ways in which Heinz products had become the main event. We began by looking at iconic landmarks, because in some cases you go to a city (the meal) just to see a landmark (ketchup). With this we looked at all the landmarks that were younger than ketchup that would surprise the audiences such as big ben.


However, there weren’t enough of these landmarks to push the idea towards  creating an effective campaign. So, we looked at it in a new way. We began looking at the times something is the “star of the show.” With that, the ideas shifted towards a festival. With fifty-seven being a key brand element, we chose this going forward as the festival name.


We branded up a completely new festival with ‘ketchup’ headlining as the main event or ‘the star of the show’. The support acts for this festival the became things such as banger and mash along with, chips (fill in more things here).


So we finally had the concept, after exploring different visual styles the “joke” and message becomes lost in the visual style. So we began looking at a better way to convey the chosen messaging. This is where the parody idea came from. To take iconic posters that everyone knows from different festivals and re-brand them under our new ’57’ logo whilst retaining some of the identifying elements from the posters. Along with this all of the supporting acts were made into famous band logo parodies as well. The most successful one was the once created using the ‘Reading and Leeds’ creative, with the iconic red logo and the yellow background.


We decided to tie it back to Heinz a little more, by cutting out the poster in the iconic label shape of a Heinz Label. Before handing our entry into the competition we went around our local high street plastering the poster around the town so that it would have the festival poster feel. 

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