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CONKER / 2019
Conkers advert 2019

Conkers advert 2019

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For my final year we were given complete freedom, we could pick anything and do a project on it. Where this was such a broad subject, I started by writing a list of things I enjoyed, coffee being one of them. Though even then I needed to narrow this down a little more. So, I went to the London coffee festival to find a brand to work on. 


While at the London coffee festival I found a coffee liqueur called conkers. This coffee brand was based in Dorset, with their coffee beans from Ethiopia and Brazil. Then had a strong feel in their branding from the package though to their current brand style. I did request  brand guidelines though with no luck, the only guidelines I had was from their website and
social media platforms. 


They had a heavy rustic travel vibe to all of their branding, with the use of brown paper  in their packaging, along with where the company was from. 


So the answer was to show the journey that the coffee bean went on, to become a product they were so proud to put their home towns name on. 


I looked into shipping routes , even ports that would be used to make this journey as authentic as possible. Where the brand had such a rustic feel, I felt the advert the best look and feel would be stop motion animation. 


It was at this time that I found out that I had one my D&AD New Blood awards. For this year they added
to extra briefs in to get into the academy. Where this was such as amazing opportunity this took a lot of my focus during a crucial time in my project. 


After my D&AD entries was summited I was left with 2 weeks till hand in for this project. Not only did I have a whole animation to shoot I also had to learn the process, due to the fact I had never done stop motion animation before or had ever used After Effects

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